To improve quality of life for firefighters

Firefighters everywhere will risk their lives for us at the ring of a bell. No questions asked. Protecting our safety is their duty.

Yet, we do very little to protect them in return. 

EaseAlert is focused on reducing stress for firefighters so they can carry out their duties safely and effectively.

Protecting their safety is our duty.


Deadly Stats

93 firefighters died in the line of duty in 2017

Since 2008: 56% of on-duty deaths caused by stress and overexertion

More firefighters committed suicide (103) than died in the line of duty (93) in 2017


What if...

...we could save those who save us with one, simple product?



EaseAlert is a smart alerting system that is designed to improve quality of life for firefighters by reducing stress and improving sleep quality.

When a fire station receives a call to action, the EaseAlert wristband will vibrate before the alarm. This tactile pre-alert will gently notify the firefighter that the alarm will sound. By providing this soft warning, EaseAlert limits the startle response associated with the jarring alarm.

This is especially important during sleep because it will subconsciously activate their sympathetic nervous system before the alarm sounds.

By reducing stress and improving quality of sleep, EaseAlert has the potential to reduce firefighter deaths resulting from sudden cardiac death, suicide, and cancer – three of the leading causes of death for firefighters.



Interview with co-founder, Blake, and his dad.



Blake Richardson, CEO

Blake Richardson, CEO

Blake Richardson, CEO

Blake builds upon leadership skills he developed in sports, school, and previous business ventures. Well-connected in the firefighting industry, Blake brings his vision and network to EaseAlert, extending its impact to firefighters everywhere.


Elezar Tonev, COO

Blake Richardson, CEO

Blake Richardson, CEO

Elezar is a mechanical engineer from the University of Florida. 

He leverages his experience as co-founder and chief operating officer of  RDM Innovation, a successful product development company, to efficiently develop high-quality technology for firefighters.

Hi, I'm Blake

Why I created EaseAlert

My dad has worked as a firefighter for 15 years.

His health and safety has always been a concern for me. 

For years, I have tried to think of ways to make his job easier and safer.

EaseAlert - the perfect solution!

1.  It addresses a major concern that affects every firefighter

2.  Production is feasible and affordable

Thank You

I hope this site has illuminated some of the most important issues facing firefighters and convinced you of the benefits of EaseAlert.

With gratitude,


Co-Founder, EaseAlert

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