To reduce stress and improve efficiency for firefighters

Firefighters everywhere will risk their lives for us at the ring of a bell. No questions asked. Protecting our safety is their duty.

Yet, we do very little to protect them in return. 

EaseAlert is focused on reducing stress for firefighters so they can carry out their duties safely and effectively.

Protecting their safety is our duty.


Deadly Stats

93 firefighters died in the line of duty in 2017

Since 2008: 56% of on-duty deaths caused by stress and overexertion

More firefighters committed suicide (103) than died in the line of duty (93) in 2017


What if...

...we could save those who save us with one simple product?



EaseAlert offers a gentle pre-alert to prepare firefighters for the startling alarm in the fire station. This pre-alert reduces stress and mitigates the firefighter’s risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest, the leading cause of line of duty death for firefighters. 



How it works...

When a dispatcher determines a fire station will have to respond to an emergency, the EaseAlert will trigger the wristbands worn by firefighters at the given fire station. 

This tactile pre-alert will gently notify the firefighter that the alarm will sound. By providing this soft warning, EaseAlert limits the startle response associated with the jarring alarm.


Interview with co-founder, Blake, and his dad.

Want to try EaseAlert?

EaseAlert is in an initial testing phase as we are currently testing our product with a fire department in NE Florida. We are compiling a list of departments that show early interest in order to give those departments priority once we are able to deliver our product.

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Hi, I'm Blake

My passion...

My dad, my hero, has been a firefighter for 15 years. For years, I watched from the sidelines as firefighting took a toll on him. Finally, I am able to do my part to make a difference.

I am passionate about EaseAlert because it has the potential to save my dad and other heroes just like him.

Our passion...

None of this would be possible without the team behind EaseAlert. Learn about each team member's EaseAlert passion by clicking below.

Thank You

For taking time to learn more about EaseAlert. Please reach out with any questions or comments below and help us Save Those Who Save Us.

With gratitude,


Co-Founder, EaseAlert

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